A Heritage of Discovery

Honoring the History of Tampa Bay
The Krewe of Conquistadors was founded through the efforts of five good friends who have spent many years enjoying life.

It was organized exclusively as a non-profit organization to promote the quality of live in Tampa Bay.

We were formed in order to take part in the annual Gasparilla Festival and other social events to promote our community.

Our Motto

Dedicated to promoting the quality of life in Tampa Bay
Dedicated to the preservation of our waterways
Dedicated to working hard, playing hard, sleeping hard, and not letting our fun nights interfere with our days
Dedicated to the responsible consumption of the "World's Finest Rum" and other fine spirits
Dedicated to our families and the well-being of the children of Tampa Bay
Committed to personal and economic freedoms and the pursuit of happiness
Committed to the "special bond of friendship" and the success of this KREWE